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Welcome to Bugout ™. The world’s premier mosquito repellent bracelet infused with Eucalyptus; an ancient medicinal leaf which is now a modern day savior.
We’re a family owned business; let’s get straight to the point; no one likes mosquitos and no one likes spraying themselves with harsh toxins.I know I don’t!
That’s why…Bugout™! An anti mosquito repellent that you can wear on your wrist, ankle, backpack, is long lasting, smells great and keeps you bite free.

Bugout Waterproof Mosquito Repellent
Adjustable Bracelet

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Bug bites are the worst, especially itchy mosquito bites. We use an all-natural eucalyptus oil in our bracelets to protect your skin from bites without harmful chemicals.


Bugout All-Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelets are great for backyard barbecues, picnics, hunting, or even exploring the Rainforest! They’re also waterproof, so you never have to take them off.


The best thing about our long-lasting, mosquito-blocking bracelets is that they’re nontoxic and safe for even the youngest children. Slide them on to a wrist or an ankle and enjoy DEET-free protection for up to 120 hours!


Unlike other repellents that smell unpleasant or tart, our mosquito repellant bracelets feature a pleasant, inviting scent that’s great for humans and only tough on mosquitoes!


Crafted using high-quality silicone, our mosquito repellant bracelets are as fun and stylish as they are functional. You’ll be blocking bug bites and looking great at the same time

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